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Pre-Workout Supplements

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Pre-Workout supplements are taken prior to working out usually around 30 minutes before you start your activity. These supplements are made to help the blood flow to the muscle to achieve the “pump” you feel during a workout. This “pump” is when the blood flows into the muscle during weight training making the muscle become larger and harder. There are a variety of pre-workout supplements to choose from.   Some have high stimulants which are not recommended for anyone with caffeine sensitivities or blood pressure issues. For anyone with these conditions there are pre-workout supplements without the stimulants. 

We highly recommend reading the product labels and asking an ASN employee questions regarding any pre-workout supplements. Here are a few of our favorites.

Condense™ Pre-Workout

  • Endurance enhancing pre-workout
  • Increases muscle oxygen saturation
  • Clean, safe energy with no exotic stimulants


  • Stimulant-free, unflavored pre-workout additive
  • Stimulates muscles with blood & oxygen
  • Increases nitric oxide production & muscle volumization